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The anecdote of the game talks about a family that lives happily together in a place called ‘Paradise Bay’, near the South Pole. There are four members in this beautiful family. There is a Father whose name is Mr. Todd. He has a very beautiful Wife (Mother) named as Mrs. Penny. They had two kids together named them as Lily which is a Sister to her Brother named DODO. It is eventually our main character. It is a perfect family and goes together on all the trips like hunting fishes and they bring in, all the hunted fishes so that they could dine in Together.

Everything was going smooth and like their daily routine. Like other days, they went to hunt, fishes and their Paradise Bay was struck by sudden Avalanche and blizzard Storm. This disaster caused mass destruction as the overall place was ruined, families were uprooted from their own place, house. Families lost their family members in this disaster. Will they be able to meet again? Are really curious, if they will ever meet? Well play and find out yourself.

Well, the Game has certain assets which are Seahorse who give a one long jump, Bubble Fish- as the name suggests, gives you a bubble shield. If there are some friends, there will be some enemies too. Enemies’ like crab, who will bite you! So beware! Coming soon on your iOS and Android devices!

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